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Experience the Authentic Coziness of a Fireside Retreat with Our Warm Fire Soy Candle. Embrace the enchanting ambiance of a crackling fire right in your own space with our signature Warm Fire Soy Candle. Capturing the very essence of this cherished moment, our distinct fragrance seamlessly blends the notes of rich smoke and woody allure into a harmonious symphony of scent.

As the aroma unfolds, the warmth of clove, the allure of amber, and the timeless elegance of sandalwood unite, forming a captivating olfactory tapestry that embraces you in its comforting embrace. The earthy depth of patchouli adds the perfect finishing touch, creating a scent that's both familiar and yet distinctly unique.

55 Warm Fire

  • Fragrance Notes




    Clove, Incense, Sandalwood


    Smoke, Amber, Patchouli