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Experience the Winter Woods with Our Blue Spruce Candle – A Holiday Essential. Imagine the joy of venturing into the frosty woods to cut your very own Evergreen tree – that's the essence of Blue Spruce. Beyond the ordinary Douglas Fir, this candle carries a vibrant, invigorating personality that perfectly encapsulates the holiday spirit. Infused with natural essential oils like cedar, clove leaf, fir needle, western red cedar, spearmint leaf, and eucalyptus, this candle is a multi-sensory delight that takes you on a scented journey through nature's splendor. Whether you're aiming to evoke memories of a tree-cutting adventure or to infuse your space with the holiday cheer, Blue Spruce is your ultimate companion for creating a cozy winter haven.

52 Blue Spruce

  • Fragrance Notes


    Eucalyptus, Mint


    Spruce, Moss, Evergreen


    Cedar, Amber