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Discover Authenticity in our Fraser Fir Candle, a Heartwarming Tribute to the Season. Our genuine Fraser Fir candle captures the spirit of the holidays with precision. The journey starts with invigorating top notes of cypress and zesty lemon peel, effortlessly transitioning into the comforting embrace of woodsy mid notes, showcasing the timeless aromas of evergreen and cedar. A lush base of fir, amber, and moss provides a nostalgic reminder of cherished moments spent adorning freshly-cut Evergreen trees. Perfect for infusing your space with a festive holiday spirit or crafting a snug winter atmosphere by the fireplace, Fraser Fir is the quintessential choice for kindling joy and warmth during this special time.

51 Fraser Fir

  • Fragrance Notes


    Cypress, Lemon Peel


    Evergreen, Cedar


    Fir, Amber, Moss