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Please note that our fragrance oils are poured at the time of order and must be preordered online for pick up or for shipping.

If fragrances are ordered in person, there may be a wait of up to 24 hrs before they are ready for pick up. 


Our fragrance oils are remarkably strong, true to life, and tested for exceptional performance in soy candles. Used by both professionals and hobby candle and soap makers.


Our fragrance oils are a combination of natural essential oils and synthetic aroma chemicals. They are never diluted, so each has a strong concentrated aroma that doesn't disappear when burned in a candle.


All of our fragrance oils are free from carcinogens, toxins, and other hazardous chemicals commonly found in fragrance oils. While our entire line of fragrance oils are non-toxic when used for their intended purpose and in approved percentages, which gives you the peace of mind of working with the safest supplies available.

Fragrance oil