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What does your Favorite candle scent say about you?

Are you a candle snob? But only for certain scents? While most of us can agree that candles are the best thing since sliced bread, what we can’t agree on is which scent is on top? So what can that say about your personality?

Do you love a good Citrus smelling candle? Like Blood Orange or my favorite, Lemon Verbena? If so, you may be considered an Alpha personality. You are strong-minded, energetic, ambitious, and a natural leader.

Fruity scents over all, like Watermelon Sugar or Grapefruit, are bright and refreshing and if you are drawn to them then you like to be the boss and you may be viewed as dominant and assertive.

How about a Floral scent? Floral scent lovers are typically delicate and have a sympathetic nature. Now let's get specific.

  • If you love Rose, you are thoughtful, shy, introspective and sensitive to the needs of others. You are naturally conscious and considerate.

  • If you love Lavender, then you are caring, selfless and attentive. You have a huge, close-knit network of friends. You tend to be a bit reserved but curious and you value friendships and work well with others. You are easy to be around and you know how to relax!

  • Our Lady Day Candles are scented with Gardenia. If this is a favorite for you then you are known as a reliable friend. You always follow through on set plans. You are steady and dependable, enjoy safe and secure relationships and you are a team player.

  • Do you love the nostalgia of our Honeysuckle + Jasmine or Orange Blossom + Jasmine candle? Then you love all things new and exciting, from adventures to parties, you are going to be there. You love a good time and you couldn’t care less what people think.

Classic Scents

Are the classic scents your go to? Like, a good Vanilla or a Linen smelling candle? Classics are classics for a reason. If this is you then this means you like being the life of the party, people gravitate towards you and you love meeting new people. You are energetic and are always down for a good time.

Earthy Scents

Do you love earthy scents like our top seller East African Amber?

Then you tend to be a no-nonsense, perfectionist and are known as an over-achiever that will Get Things Done. You also tend to have a type A personality. Some of our other earthy scents are Tonka + Oakmoss, Sandalwood & Frank + Myrrh.

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