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Experience the Delight of Balsam and Chestnut Candle Fragrance, Perfect for Fall and Winter. Satiate your desire for a new seasonal candle with our captivating blend of balsam and chestnut, harmonizing the essence of evergreen and deciduous trees. Elevate your ambiance with spicy clove bud, intricately intertwined with the richness of bergamot and saffron, adding complex layers to this fragrance oil. Embrace the allure of a scented journey that captures the essence of the season, awaiting your senses in every flicker.

50 Balsam Clove

  • Fragrance Notes


    Bergamot, Saffron Lace


    Balsam, Clove Bud, Chesnut


    Fir Needle, Cedar, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Sandalwood